Hotel Restaurant Vacuum Flask
  • Double walled
  • Stainless steel liner
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe pouring
  • No burn exterior
  • Superior insulation
  • Single hand operation
Avantgarde Vacuum Flask
Hospitality Equipment Vacuum Flask Lid
Vacuum Airpot

Vacuum Jugs

Superior Insulation

★ Unbreakable liner
Catalogue 2018

Avantgarde professional vacuum jugs and airpots guarantee quality at low prices. Double walled hotel grade vacuum insulated jugs that are dishwasher safe with unbreakable stainless steel liners for commercial hospitality use. Designed with form and function, Avantgarde vacuum jugs offer safe pouring, a no burn exterior, single hand operation and the highest insulating performance.

Supplying quality vacuum jugs to the hotel and banquet industry and all businesses requiring catering supplies and insulated beverages. These high grade insulated beverage servers are used extensively in hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, pubs and clubs, shipping lines, airlines, hospitals, hotel room service, coffee shops, conventions, and banquets.

Durable mirror polished vacuum jugs and satin/matt finish vacuum airpots produced in AISI 304-18/10 grade stainless steel under strict ISO 9001 quality controls. The superior insulation properties guarantee heat retention, keeping liquids hot or cold for hours.

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