Restaurant Crockery
  • Plates and bowls
  • Serving platters
  • Teapots, cups and mugs
  • European styled
  • Modern or timeless classic
  • Multiple sizes
  • Commercial grade
  • Laboratory tested
  • Conforms to international standards
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Crockery Hotel Suppliers

Chinaware & Crockery

Hotel Grade Durability

★ Guaranteed
Catalogue 2018

Avantgarde Chinaware represents world class design in modern porcelain tableware. Avantgarde provides hotel chinaware of quality porcelain crockery to hotels, restaurants, cafes, canteens, educational institutions and all areas of the hospitality industry.

Some of the features which ensure Avantgarde’s ability to provide leading edge hotel chinaware and crockery:

All Avantgarde chinaware and crockery conforms to a specified porcelain formula which ensures our tableware is of the highest quality and meets internationally recognized standards (including AS-NZS 4371:1996, BS 4034:1990 and BSEN 1183:1997).

Our chinaware range has been tested by CERAM, an independent, authorised laboratory in the United Kingdom, whose certification includes non porosity, thermal shock, chipping, impact, lead and cadmium release, glaze hardness, dishwasher and microwave safety.

Chinaware and crockery supplies come in many forms. The Avantgarde tableware range reflects the latest international dining and buffet trends, with over 200 items in the selection. The range is produced in a region of China which has over 1800 years of history in ceramics production. This connection to tradition combined with modern aesthetics and design standards enables Avantgarde to provide tableware which caters both for classic restaurant dining settings and bold modern statements.

The design of our commercial tableware range has been influenced by internationally recognised food and beverage executives, chefs and homewares professionals with expertise in hotelware and commercial china. The entire Avantgarde tableware range is designed with the rigours of commercial use in mind; our porcelain chinaware and crockery will be a valuable asset to your property for years to come.

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